Weather Report

(Backwards - BW11) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

An oneiric yet political soundpiece in two long movements of cosmic improvisation that serves as the soundtrack of an ecological disaster, specifcally the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant destruction in Fukushima 2011. Ghostly shapes and tones haunt the first side, where Massolin’s dreamy organ and heavenly electronics are blessed by Fukuoka’s elegiac violin lines, evolving into an improvised blues for flamenco-like guitar, percussion and abstract electronics, building up tension until Henritzi’s lapsteel joins with waves of ectoplasmic electricity, and finally exploding into a blast of cathartic free noise. The piece starts vibrating on the flip, where Massolin’s electric bass pushes the whole thing into full-on shoegaze mode, with Henritzi combining long, doomy drones and Fukuoka playing the most emotional violin ragas you’ll hear on an improvised studio album. Edition of 250