Lost In Rooms, A Virtualectric Story

(ReR Megacorp) Used CD $5.00

Storytelling, sampling, mainstream electronica, and experimental collage. This captivating hörspiel from 2003 evolved from music written for a dance project where the dancers recorded texts of their choice in English, French, Chinese, and Estonian. “In the narrative sections, voice is untreated, lying on top of heavily processed textures mostly derived from vocal sounds. In the other tracks, other voices are sampled and processed, often brought back to their animal content: breaths, gasps, unintelligible syllables. They become beats, melodies, or background textures for thumping electronica tunes — true enough to the ear not to sound forced or like academic exercises in popular dance music. The whole piece flows seamlessly and elegantly, negotiating the shifts between narration and music, between beat-driven electronica and very delicate sections.”