Nightsongs For Ugly Children

(Nihilist) Used CD $10.00

KFJC hears Camilla Ha on this 2003 disc as a blend of the “reverb-drenched vocal stylings of the Ventricle label” and “digital depth charges. I think she plays a midi-bass with a maxipad. This CD is sonically dense, although the instrumentation is sparse. Her singing is more whispery muttering, like Julee Cruise … through pipes after being abducted and kept in an underground reservoir.” In a card sleeve with visible corner creasing, inside hand-sewn upholstery fabric pouch. Numbered edition 47/520



(Somnimage - mik013) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

Trance-like noise with beats by Chicago-based multi-media artist Camilla Ha (ex-My Name is Rar Rar), whose early experience as a butoh dancer influences much of her soundscapes (sometimes minimal, at other times disconcertingly abrasive). She uses her voice much the same way a butoh dancer would use her body -- distorting it grotesquely, sometimes beautifully. Limited to 300 numbered copies in sil screened sleeves.