(Bruit Direct Disques - BRD14) LP $23.50 (Out-of-stock)

This savagely DIY bunch of gleeful Japanese weirdos reimagine six tracks from their self-produced acid-folk masterpiece 1 2 3 Fairy Tail Chimidoro Phenomenon Satan Inferno Dress Ha Cattlemurarete Yggdrasill Ha Wa Sasaru. Guitars are skinned alive, twisted in counterpoint or played with a cheesegrater; the frail vocal is exhausted and sweet; a trumpet plays its dying breath; the bouncy rhythm section offers a skeleton of rigour. The odd post-punk mess which spits from their amps reduces psych-rock to fluff, a scraggy trunk in which only the spinal column remains. Mamitori’s psychotic free-rock, loaded with open-tuned guitars, limps in and out of phase, at once absolutely diaphanous and indecipherable like scribbles covering a licked landscape. Nothing is ever in place, everything cracks up and frays, an atonal construction that threatens to become melodious any minute.