Seitz Versus Gendreau

(Misanthropic Agenda) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

A collaborative experiment by a former member of Taxodiaceae and the Crawling With Tarts dude, who use concrete music compositional strategies on found sound captured in San Francisco. On “Chorus After Rains,” both use the same raw sound clips and meld their individual results together into one piece of music. “Things Lost That Will Never Be Found,” a composition with live instruments, moves from a toy piano to various invented motor instruments. “Trains Will Not Stop” uses sounds from records, composed by Gendreau and re-mixed by Seitz using accelerometer recordings collected in San Francisco during 2005. Edition of 90, packaged in tip-on jacket.



(Auscultare Research) CD $9.00

Longtime San Francisco-based sound artist, internationally known for his extensive discography as Crawling With Tarts, continues his microscopic exploration of dense sonic landscapes within volatile stases. Vitoj eavesdrops on pressurized states of compressed gas within hydrogen tanks, diaphanous vinyl recordings of archaic voices, and perilous work environments in the far east. Wicked dream-like.