(Monotype - MONO006) 2xLP $28.00

Instrumentation within this electronic music orchestra of ten-ish musicians ranges from analog (Thomas Lehn) and digital synthesizers (Marcus Schmickler), amplified objects and old analog equipment (Gert-Jan Prins) to software designed especially for improvisation (Phil Durrant); the line up varies from improvisers who started in '60s (Keith Rowe) to a younger generation of electronic musicians (Christian Fennesz); its aesthetics float from space-jazz (Rafael Toral) to noise (Peter Rehberg). Their massive sound does not sacrifice sensitivity for site-specific acoustic and social restraints; new concepts for each performance guarantee thrills. Wigry was performed in a church on a dark and stormy night. Each musician, seated by the long table placed between two rows of benches, had a separate loudspeaker. Despite regular church reverb, there is no cloud of noise, just sounds in the air coming from somewhere by someone.