Artificial Field Recordings

(Cat|Sun - CAT8) CD $13.50

The sixth solo album by the editor of M|I magazine, who slides off his chair whenever the opportunity to electrify and process analog synthesizers, guitars, trumpets and acoustic instruments comes along. Oscillating between organic lo-fi, ambient and psychedelia, Mirt always returns to a fascination with field recordings and the environment in which they are embedded, and replaces them with electronic music and acoustic sounds like the repetitive, subdued murmurs of urban agglomeration and chaotic pulsing of wild landscapes fused into entirety, woven from fragments of reality.


Heading South

(Backwards) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

(Backwards) Used LP $15.00

The eighth album by these Polish conceptualists, who, with help from Ter on recordings made between 2011 and 2012, derive exotic visions from B-movies, old adventure films and cheap comic stories (though their inspirations are typically almost invisible and immersed in hazy and dark moods). Yellow vinyl edition of 100.


Journey Through The City Or Something Else

(Cat|Sun - CAT10) CD $14.00

Ten-year anniversary reissue of Mirt's second release, already a mature sound that melts synthesizer, trumpet, guitar and acoustic instruments and perhaps a sampling device. Ambient, lo-fi jazz, trip-hop-like, a perfect soundtrack for sipping, puffing, or stargazing.