Sounds of Sacred Places

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"The presence of water and an enormous monolith in the midst of the vast desert plain is given as an explanation [for the] magical appeal [of] the 'Shadowgiving Mountain' of the Aborigines," writes the artist, "Better known under its western name ... Ayers Rock (Australia)...." [T]heir ancestors, the 'Dreamtime People' ... live in this mountain and speak to them in the sounds of the winds howling through the crevasses and rockholes. Uluru is also the dwelling-place of the 'World Serpent', the most powerful totem shared by the surrounding tribes. Sounds of Sacred Places attempts to transform the listener into a living witness of the sounds of similar places, not far away in any specific ethnic culture, but in Flanders." Kye's CD reissue of Sounds of Sacred Places (Igloo 1987) includes a 16-page booklet of photos and notes. Remastered from the original tapes by Darge. Edition of 500.