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One of the earlier percussionists / electronicists to be inspired by the non-idiomatic group improv of AMM, Günter Müller and his work with the cooperative trio Nachtluft are strikingly presented on this 2000 Unheard Music Series reissue of an LP originally issued in 1987 on Unity Records. “With Andres Bosshard on cassette machines and Jacques Widmer on percussion, Müller creates abstract soundscapes where traditional melody and rhythms are entirely absent, but which boil and bubble with ceaseless and fascinating activity. The pieces vary from eerie, humming sections evoking a desolate landscape a-crackle with random electronic discharges to thrashing percussive firestorms. Throughout, a strong consciousness of sonic space is maintained, the pieces feeling very solid and palpable whether filled with noise or near silence. Punched barcode