Dark Garden

(Intransitive - INT029) CD $13.00

Idiosyncratic analog buzz by Hiroshi Kumakiri and Tagomago. This album of short, song-like home-made synthesizer pieces might take its cues from manga, science fiction, early electronic music, and minimal techno but the Tokyo duo is overall inexplicable. Dark Garden assimilates fractured beats, stuttering pulses, naked static, and impatient drones. Synth builder Kumakiri describes spirits that lurk in the shadows and watch people go about their lives, existing in a parallel world that brings to mind fairy tales and myth. Nerve Net Noise’s music is similarly just out of reach, present in the natural world but not quite a part of it. For fans of Klaus Schultze, Jessica Rylan, Henri Pousseur, or Pan Sonic. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2008