Spectrum (On The)

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Thirty-six pages of drawings, lyrics, and photos by Robert Dayton (Canned Hamm, The Canadian Romantic) and Michael Comeau (LSDoubleD Cup), aligned with rocker Classy Craig Daniels (The Leather Uppers), who is on board to make fuzzed-out dreams come true. Punch in the free download code that comes with this risograph-printed art booklet, and hear their mix of psych, weird punk, minimalist freak rock, and wild tales of disenchantment and empowerment. New Horizzzons are here to rescue rock music from its doldrums. Like their forebears Richard Harris, Can, late Black Flag and The Shaggs, New Horizzzons constantly push forward into a new day. The Toronto three-piece springs forth from the ether like a contradictory phantom with a warning about how far modern rock has strayed from the path.


Trial By Fire

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This Toronto three-piece springs from the ether like a contrarian phantom warning about how far modern rock has strayed from the path. Vocalist Robert Dayton (Canned Hamm, July Fourth Toilet, The Canadian Romantic), Craig Daniels (Leather Uppers, Tijuana Bibles) and Michael Comeau (LSDoubleDCup) implement the savagery of foamy-mouthed fuzz punk with primitive prog, junk-store glam, and smoking banana peel psych-sploitation. While Daniels and Comeau rotate guitar, bass, and drums duties, Dayton is the sure-footed self-help guru, singing tales of moral tests and trials that utilize his own pop culture short-hand, delivered with grandeur worthy of Richard Harris in his prime. With Dayton and Comeau’s long-time immersion in comics and illustration, it should go without saying that the packaging here has hand-drawn artwork, and was risograph-printed, hand-cut and –assembled. Each of the four sticks of incense were selected to correspond with a specific song. Have a look at their video for the title track here: