Phantom Cupboard

(Chocolate Monk - choc.524) CDR $8.00

“Phantom Cupboard occupies a homemade spaceship the components of which are outmoded appliances that need regular adjustments and deglitching,” explains Rick Potts. “After docking onto a decommissioned communications satellite, the newly plundered obsolete hardware is cobbled into a charity store kitchen cabinet. Lost voices find a home in this makeshift rocket. Calm chaos ensues as the machines talk among themselves. Outside, beyond the repurposed microwave oven door, the vastly jaded cosmos has a bad dream.” Edition of 60


Twilight Immunity

(Chocolate Monk - choc.447) CDR $6.25

Shane McDonell’s first solo ride for the label is two 31-minute collages in traditional sound diary style. Sounds of voice, viola, feedback, drums, drum stick, bowed cymbal recorded through an old karaoke machine combined with radio, rental car radio feedback, river sounds, contact mic’d Broadway Bridge, keyboard/synth, voice sounds, drunken wedding orators and general party chit chat. Slickles captured all this on his trusty handheld tape machine and then, for your pleasure, cut stuff into loops, collaged it, fed some of it into his psychoacoustic computer to provide a sense of specific sound direction and panning. A stud. A gent. Numbered edition of 60