Nihilist Chakai House

(Discombobulate - BOB003) LP $25.00

Ten tracks of one-man drumming action that swings like a goofy magnetic pendulum by full-fledged ceramist, beard-wearer and drummer in ozone-scraping duo Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides. Side one is clear as an ECM joint yet huffed with a sweaty Javanese energy. The bronze pots get thunked bad and vibrate, shifting units of time, Bene-Gesserit-style. A massive station clock weeps small brass cogs until the stutter of fudge-footed mice scramble all smeary, dazzling with dry-snare. Between times, the most amazing sonorous cowbell work you’ll hear this side of a Trouble Funk block-jam tails off into resinous wooden bumps. Side two opens up all hot, with frittering and hummingbird-quick trap work. Sticks made of hollow heron’s legs (on loan from Ed Blackwell) add a venerable edge to the membranous drones and crisp celery crunch. Hands that are hard and rough as sandpaper jigger and jolley moans out the drum skins, creating a Tie-Fighter dogfight, which segues into a resonant metallic chitter; all chipped chrome and dangerous ricochet. The record closes in a dignified manner: amplified wool being wound round a Djembe in freezing fog. Includes insert. Clear vinyl. Edition of 250. Listen to an excerpt here: