Peeesseye + Talibam!

(Smeraldina-Rima - SR13) 2xLP $20.00

This overdue collaboration between Evolving Ear labelmates Talibam! (Kevin Shea on drums, Matt Mottel on keyboards) and Peeesseye (Jaime Fennelly on electronics, Chris Forsyth on guitars and Fritz Welch on drums) rips. Driven by the double-barreled percussion attack, underpinned by Fennelly's drones and scribbled all over by Mottel and Forsyth, whose gonzo soloing reminds us single-chord jams have been around since The Fugs roamed the earth and Angus MacLise still turned up for rehearsals. Sometimes they dispense with chords altogether and dive into the primeval, murky soundpool. Loud, messy, and glorious. Artwork by Rachel Lowther. Edition of 600


Sci Fi Death Mask

(Humansacrifice - HS008) LP $20.00

Guitarist Chris Forsyth, Jaime Fennelly on harmonium and electronics, and Fritz Welch on percussion and vocals have been decalcifying the pineal gland and throttling parameters for over a decade, crafting in the process their own shifting nimbus tensions and deliverances comparable to lone naked swimming over the Mariana Trench. A Ranter’s harmonium, tattered flag guitar, arrhythmia sleep percussion, meff soul crooning and electrical overload are arranged on a sixpence with a nefarious Brotherhood’s collusion. Their language teeters between elegy and barbarism, the magical and corporeal. Soul and gut. 180-gram vinyl. Hand-painted jackets.