Love And Addiction

(One Point Life - LP01) LP $30.00

Composed in 1978 and originally released under the alias McDullan (Dharmakustannus 1997), Love And Addiction explores sex and drugs — rendered coldly and harshly, like two dinosaur computers conversing or Perrey-Kingsley on a bad acid trip, yet not without Airaksinen’s signature hyperactivity and off-kilter drones.



(One Point Life - LP03) LP $30.00

“Everything ever released by Pekka Airaksinen is always worth a look,” our friends at Bleep remind us, “but this has completely blown our heads off…. Completely out of time with anything else around when it was originally composed [in the mid-80s], these five vast portraits of sound blend between new age dawdles to robust jazz improv. This is seriously deep listening that you can get lost in for days on end.”


One Point Music

(O Records - OROLP035) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

When The Sperm began to wither away in the early '70s, Pekka Airaksinen released One Point Music in 1972, a shining moment in his discography, characterized by a sense of improvisation and casual roughness that is rare in electronic music. Soon after he became a Buddhist and stopped releasing music for a decade. Regarded as a recluse, he returned to the public eye in the mid-'80s with a new but equally futuristic vision, exemplified by Buddhas of Golden Light (O Records 1984), an incredible mixture of Sun Ra’s cosmic free jazz and twisted rhythms programmed on a Roland 808 drum machine. Limited edition reissue.


Vertical Pillars

(One Point Life - LP04) LP $30.00

Electronic instrumental improvisational music inspired by mathematical information drawn from ancient texts. Rhythms are divided into four layers, to mirror the elements: earth (bass drum); water (tom); fire (snare); and wind (cymbal). Just as, according to Indian beliefs, Buddha is the pinnacle of human attainment, Airaksinen strives to create perfect rhythms that accompany the perfect life. Recorded in 1983-84, all tracks are previously released on limited-edition CDRs — three from Sugatas (Dharmakustannus 1997) and one from Jewel Comet (Dharmakustannus 1997).


Vitae Tennis Nest

(One Point Life - LP02) LP $30.00

Piano music composed and played in 1998 (notably influenced by Taylor, Tristano, Nancarrow, Stravinsky, Glass), in conversation with delay, resembling robotic baroque from the future.