(Mie Music - 014) 2xLP $15.00

Recorded live in 2011 in Wisconsin (at an old yoga studio and at a decommissioned synagogue), Effigy melts layer upon layer of droning strings over never-ending harmoniums while peals of gongs ring out to mesmerizing effect -- a testament to the ancient animal-shaped effigy mounds which dot the landscape in and around Madison, Wisconsin. Edition of 500



(Eclipse - ECL006) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

This album is drawn from a pre-dawn session in a stone silo at Mount Saint Francis, a Franciscan friary just north of the Kentucky-Indiana State Line. Four of the musicians, Keenan Lawler and Pelt members Patrick Best, Mike Gangloff and Jack Rose, had played earlier that night at Rudyard Kipling's Cafe in Louisville. They were joined at the friary by Eric Clark, a multi-instrumentalist and metal worker who makes musical instruments, such as singing bowls and bronze didgeridus. Mikal Dimmick used a stereo microphone to capture events as they unfolded in the early morning hours of 12 July 2000. Only acoustic instruments were played and no electronic effects or processing were used. Play at 45 or 33 RPM.