Brendan Murray / Perispirit

(Razors and Medicine - R&M25) split LP $16.00

Brendan Murray’s “Birches and Marksman’s Graves (Voice and Computer #1),” a clear summation of his interest in controlled drones and gestural improvisation with a step into the unknown, transforms and manipulates the voice of Noell Dorsey to the point of non-recognition. Dissonant clusters move up and down, generate momentum, and maintain physicality and control. Vague hints of melody are swallowed up by turbulence. It gradually gives way to extended technique vocalisms that call to mind sound poetry and even the Sprechstimme of Schoenberg. Perispirit’s side makes quick sectional transitions and relies on harsh noise, delicate melodic work, and degraded lo-fi manipulations. Momentum grows and is quickly brought down to almost nothing; the process resumes and the piece breaks into looping guitar passages with a subtle electronic underpinning. Layers build and disappear. The noise returns, building to a heightened peak of frustration until it drops off, leaving the sound of life’s monotony. A wall of drone creeps in and overtakes all. Edition of 250, off-white vinyl.