Suffering Of Tomorrow

(Little Big Chief - LBCR010) LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Outsider outsider music with chops and concepts and “the aura” to alienate and “fantasy-ize” the internal of your brain-existence. If you’ve ever wished jazz was more makeup-friendly, included dragons, and flirted slightly with glam, well, playboy, you are progressive. Be proud, cuz this platter sure is. Called the first private press Greek prog LP (late and weird period, when things were getting softer and more living room), Suffering Of Tomorrow throws down a wicked and tuneful dose of Canterbury / Cressida / slowed-down Gracious!-styled Steel Mill worship. Organ runs the game here; slight flashes of claustrophobic high-end synth lurch an’ jerk back to the ’80s, but the majority of the movements are rich, lavish, Hammond-pensive deals. The short intro to side two begins a lengthy concept track that’ll sink your boat in a pool of complex arrangements and gadgetry. Remastered by members of Pete and Royce, licensed, etc., it’s fully legit, broheim. Edition of 500.