Fuck De Boere (Dedicated to Johnn Dyani)

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“Two of the most explosive, riveting pieces of music to come out of the European vaults — never before released, mastered from original radio master tapes — by larger groups led by the German saxophone legend, both recorded by Hessischer Rundfunk at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival, in 1968 and 1970. First is an unheard alternate version of Brötzmann’s groundbreaking Machine Gun, this time with a nine-piece group (same as the LP, adding tenor saxophonist Gerd Dudek), recorded three months before the BRO/FMP record was made. Then there’s a forty-minute masterpiece from 1970, with a large group featuring three tenors, three trombones, no bassist, Fred van Hove on organ, Derek Bailey on guitar, and Han Bennink and Sven-Ake Johansson on drums. It’s a monumental piece, featuring some of the most extreme Bailey on record (sounding at times like Masayumi Takayanaki from five years later), and tremendous interplay between Brötzmann, Evan Parker and Willem Breuker. Twelve-panel foldout booklet with liner notes and period photographs.