Songs For Nothing

(After Music Recordings) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

A soundtrack for the end of civilization, written for those who can only watch it happen on Youtube with the camera miles away. Songs For Nothing combines the atmosphere of Creation Death Machine (MaxCorp 2010), the creeping walls of Fairweather Mask (Autumn Wind Productions 2009) and various textural elements that showed up on the seven-inches, tapes and CDRs in between. Woods loses a minimal amount of past experimentation to make way for a more straightforward, pissed-off approach. Crashing pianos, broken electronics, a variety of different vocal styles, synth swells and field recordings merge with a thematic focus on our inability to control the the world. This is a record about screaming truth to power in a sound proof room. Red vinyl. Hand-screened cardboard sleeve. Photocopied insert.