At Swim 2 Birds

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1997 reissue of stunning instrumental album (named after the surreal Flann O’ Brien novel), originally released in 1987 on Flying Nun / Xpressway. Piano-scapes, ambient noise, minimalism to experimental moods and homemade instruments by the This Kind Of Punishment leader and the beloved Dunedin folk musician.


The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World

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This second vinyl reissue of the debut solo cassette (Xpressway 1990) includes tracks from “The Fate of the Human Carbine” seven-inch (Ajax 1989). It stands as one of the singular singer-songwriter albums of all time, on a sparsely populated plane with Pink Moon, Blues Run the Game, and Our Mother the Mountain. In a sandy voice that soothes and slashes, Jefferies offers a piercingly, crushingly lucid view of the endeavor of life, all our pain and small glories rendered in tones both harrowing and tender. On piano, drums and percussion, he pounds out melodies that roar, sweep and lilt, accompanied on many songs by the serrated guitars of a variety of players — all three members of the Dead C, David Mitchell (3Ds), Alastair Galbraith, Kathy Bull (Look Blue Go Purple, Cyclops), Nigel Taylor and Robbie Muir.