Litaniæ Mortuorum Discordantes

(The Epicurean - CURE11) CD $21.00

Soul-shredding funeral music built on dissonance, intended for church performance, triggering spiritual delight (aka dread, existential anxiety, feelings of death and decay). Anemone Tube and Post Scriptvm stage a linear, gradually unfolding “oratorio” which begins with layers of lush brass synths resounding a time and place enveloped in ancient mythical beauty. The pristine serenity, however, slowly deteriorates through the influx of anguish, social decay and profanity. Raw field recordings, throbbing electronics, metallic tremors, distant voices and chants portrait a life of numbness and confusion, where man — tormented by ignorance, ignoble desires and anger — has become a plaything of insane “Weltanschauungen” and the commercialization plague. Ka-ching.



(The Epicurean - CURE.7) LP $25.50

Eight tracks recorded at various locations from 2003 through 2014, compiled into a single monolithic containing the full spectrum of Post Scriptvm’s mind states and atmospheres — from the death-ambient claustrophobia of “Corners” and “Etherized Erosion,” the hypnotizing analog textures of “Tarantula Pattern” and “The Binding,” to the violent power electronics of “Exacerbation” and “Upon Decadent Scum.” Beautiful black and gold printing on 12 x 12 natural paper. Includes postcard and free download card. Numbered edition of 50 with sew-on patch