Duckside of the Moon

(Dual Plover - DP40) CD $10.25 (Out-of-stock)

Not to be confused with the Purple Loon, Purple Diver, Purple Grebe, Purple Gallinule or Purple Coot the Purple Duck is the more common name for the best MC in the world—hot enough to burn down a herd of yobbo MCs like pieces of wood. Dual Plover fans undoubtedly remember the Duck from his appearance on the seminal Suicidal Rap Orgy album Genital Warfare. The less threatening side of duckmania is on display here, with dope hip hop tracks alongside a quick succession of genres that fly hard and fast (everything from the punk rock of "Love Tampon" to the tear-jerking ballad "Everyone's Dying."). Australian import, as if you couldn't tell.