Dead September

(Rural Isolation Project - 003) LP $10.50 (Out-of-stock)

Screaming wind-tunnel guitars and motorik floor tom and snare (“Bleed Out”), ear-splitting electro-punk mush-mouth (“White Witch”), eerie psychedelia (“Dead Birds”), and blackened industrial techno that slithers through most of side two into the skull-cracking closing dirge of “Walk Into The Sea.” Abrasive and perversely catchy. White vinyl. Edition of 300


Let’s Hang Out

(Rural Isolation Project) LP $10.50 (Out-of-stock)

Syrup-thick bass licks run amok. Messy, scratching and screeching effects cut across fuzzed-out space noise. The bash-your-brains-in pounding of the drums rounds things off. Ugly, painful, whacked-out sludge, sure, but this is Quttinirpaaq’s second full length album this year, so it’s gotta go further (and it does). Pounding, minimal hypno-riffs extend past the horizon, shards of guitar feedback fall in and out of the landscape, spiky electronics fizz and pop like a mellotron buried under a mound of Popul Vuh records. Clear vinyl with red splatters. Color insert. Edition of 300


No Visitors

(Rural Isolation Project) LP $11.00 (Out-of-stock)

The shadowy, bleary-eyed Austin crew lead by Matt Turner (passed out on the lawn) serves up Texas-style sludge with layer upon layer of in-the-red fuzz, feedback, vomit, claustrophobia, no eye contact, distorted 808 beats, wind-up glam drums, suspicious voices from other rooms, Tejano transmissions, and EDP Wasp synthesizer. Includes a wind tunnel cover of George Brigman’s “DMT,” for all the heads. Past involvements include Austin psych stumblers Rubble, Same Sac and ’90s free noise questionables Abrasion Ensemble. 180-gram, deep purple vinyl. Edition of 300.