Czarny Sen

(BloodLust! - B!169) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Raw, stripped-down Chicago doom anchored by the brutal low-end sludge of Andrea Jablonski (ex-Camaro Rouge) and Mike Tsoulos (Frontier) playing bass and drums respectively. Bassist Arman Mabry (ex-White+Outs) and guitarist Dan Sullivan (Arriver) thicken and expand the band’s sound. On this their first album with Sullivan, “Eclipse” slowly unfolds around an unstoppable, meditative riff; the dark landscape of “Goliad” alludes to the violence associated with Texas town that was the scene of a massacre in the 19th Century. “Suicide Song" inserts the lyrics from the infamous torch song “Gloomy Sunday” along with screeching saxophone, rattling percussion, and growled vocals in a full-blown twelve-minute epic. “Land of the Glass Pinecones” completely re-imagines Human Sexual Response's song with a giant, evil riff. The pagan incantation “Raven Man” uses bristling slide guitar to build to a ferocious climax. Guests include Dave Rempis, Bruce Lamont, Mark Solotroff, and Michael Zerang.