(Art Into Life - AIL011) LP $35.00 (Out-of-stock)

Heavily armed with random discharges of radio-wave theatre and metal noise. Multiple blows with a heavy hatchet along the time axis, but no blood flows. From the speakers, the right and left wing exchange blows but reconciliation remains eternally unreachable. Steeped in idle repetition in a comfortably heated secret chamber. With several random passers-by, sounds like those made by slapping a wet towel alternate between life and death but in a continual state of existence. Misshapen metal objects roll around randomly, liberated in their movement. Junk noise flies about in every direction, howling at distant objects, wildly spasming, rolling around on the floor, having sudden heart failures, and constantly apologizing for its own violent impulses. Unique handmade jacket consisting of a decorated transparent acrylic sheet, the background color of which changes according to the light conditions. Edition of 150. Listen to an excerpt from “SA/D12-12” here: