Completed Rotations of...

(Roaratorio - ROAR20) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

The city of Tauranga doesn’t have as celebrated a history as other centers of New Zealand music such as Otago or Port Chalmers or Whangerei. It is home to Rotate The Completor, however, whose music is disconnected from all known scenes in Aotearoa and elsewhere. Stumbling upon the one-man band busking on the streets, an enthusiastic passerby nabbed a home-recorded cassette and here we are. All attempts at personal correspondence with its creator to date have been ignored, so forget about the next volume of Songs In The Key of Z, outsider aficionado. Rotate The Completor gets to his otherworldly inner-world using guitar, kick-drum, and vocals that might pass for early Residents; the songs are a strangely addictive brew of lo-fi bedroom pop, proggy loner folk, bouncy children’s music, and a one-man band at a carnival that’s gone off the rails. Lyrics concern beer-stealing cantaloupes, dead albino hedgehogs, and emphatic denials of insanity. Includes free download card.