One (Snow Mud Rain)

(Erstwhile - ERST051) CD $14.50 (Out-of-stock)

One (Snow Mud Rain) is the first duo CD by Peter Rehberg (Pita) and Marcus Schmickler, two long-time two of the leaders in the electronic revolution. Despite having barely worked together as a duo previously, the results were so successful that after two days, the record was basically completed. Its rawness and energy hearkens back to the explosive power of early Mego bursts, further enhanced by the remarkable density and clarity of the recording. β€œIt's not all brimstone / hellfire throughout,” Mimaroglu reminds us, β€œ[T]he second piece devolves into subdued spectral smear after smacking us around for a bit with its fully-rectified stammer (which reminds of recent Whitehouse more than anythings else); other spots introduce jittery, off-axis grains that echo Florian Hecker's recent work with wave geometry.... [T]hese two are master frequency-range craftsman; both are in peak form throughout.”



(Pan - PAN18) LP $27.00 (Out-of-stock)

This archival release -- the second full length following One (Snow Mud Rain) (Erstwhile 2007) -- documents Peter Rehberg and Marcus Schmickler's 2009 USA tour. Their real-time extreme music improvisations were recorded at Lampo in Chicago and No Fun Fest in New York City. Rehberg (aka Pita) founded the influential Editions Mego label based in Vienna in 1995. Schmickler is a key figure in German contemporary experimental electronic music. 140-gram vinyl, color jacket, silkscreened PVC sleeve. Edition of 500.