Samoa Highway

(Helen Scarsdale - HMS019) LP $14.75 (Out-of-stock)

The heavy-lidded psychedelia of brothers and co-pilots Jon and Brian Pyle (Starving Weirdos, Ensemble Economique) constantly mines the metaphysical properties of their Humboldt County homeland. The brothers channel a psychotropic animism through sound; a swarm of drone guitars announces the opening of the record with a shoegaze wash collapsing into tone purity and bulging through a metallic buzz. Field recordings of airplane take-off and firework explosions punctuate the undulating, bleary smear of the Pyle brothers' guitars. The result is one of levitation, even as RV Paintings seem to be plugging their guitars and electronics directly into the moss, soil, and mycelia of the Humboldt forest. Echo-soaked flutes, maudlin strings, scabrous noises unearthed from the bottom of the Pacific, and cinematic arcs of guitar shimmer complete the beautiful and haunted miasma somewhere between Taj Mahal Travellers, Organum, and The Caretaker. Previous releases on Trinity Rivers and Blackest Rainbow. Includes digital download card. Edition of 500.