Partial Infinite Sequence

(Open Mouth) LP $20.00

“The tension contained in each sound on Partial Infinite Sequence is not disturbing or stressed. That kind of sound is satisfying, but too easy. Instead, it feels like that split second after you trip on the sidewalk. Your body could go in any direction, and every outcome is possible…. And yet…, [t]he tense feeling of elation lives distinctly side-by-side with a knowledge that this music is correct and fits that gap in your world that has been carved out exactly for it.” Worth comparing to Ellen Fullman’s The Long String Instrument or Charles Curtis playing Naldjorlak I, “[t]hese … special recordings [are] examples of a sensitive human being coming to a deep understanding of what they want to say with an instrument, while exposing that instrument’s essence in sound.” Edition of 250


Spectacular Of Passages

(Destijl) Used LP $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

Carving her own niche of idyllic bedroom psychedelia, Samara Lubelski takes pop orchestrations to levels of insulation previously unimagined, as though she recorded her murmured symphony inside a down pillow and comforter. The album was in fact recorded between Germany and Brooklyn with a cast that includes Tower Recordings’ P.G. Six on baroque flute and 12-string, Tim Barnes on percussion, Matt Heyner of No Neck Blues Band on upright bass and Espers’ cellist Helena Espvall. Paste-on cover


Sunday Night, Sunday Afternoon

(Kye - KYE17) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Bassett and Lubelski have both played crucial roles in the development of underground sound over the last twenty years, tinting the broad waters of abstract folk, chromatic noise and long-form drone. The two sidelong forays into deep, black-string meditation here hang in the air like ghosts on Ludlow Street. Edition of 500.


The Fleeting Skies

(Destijl) Used LP $18.00

According to the Dutch, Ms. Lubelski “adventures from a John Cage starting position to arrive at a kind of Devandra Banhart-like psychedelic folk via atmospheric haggling.”