Taxi For Brahms

(Chocolate Monk - choc.486) CDR $6.75

ALERT: This harbors a lot of musically educated sensibilities, as hostage. They are barely let out, and when they are... it fucking kicks ass. Rock right up, folks! “I love the shape of my violin, It is sooo lushhhhhh / Where is also this sugarrr! It must be from the donut” are lyrics you will hear, obscured by more interestingly put-together noises by card-carrying degenerates who won’t ever be able to afford violins or doughnuts. Greeting the world online and off with as much “fuck-you-but-please-listen-to-what-I-have-to-say” as anyone else. Sad react. No asterisks, please. Artificially grafted2bits rock’n’roll exquisite corpse ft. Model Warship’s arms, Giblet Gusset’s mouth, and Terry T. Gubbin’s knees taking all three of thier bows. Edition of 60