(Fragment Factory - FRAG29) Cassette $11.50

Documentation of a live action in Tokyo 2012 by Rudolf and Dave Phillips (side A), with the prerecorded sounds for said performance on side B -- one channel per artist, produced independently. Disturbing and challenging as always.


Paris Aktionen

(Beniffer Editions - TA090) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

This brutal document includes: Aktion 961123 (also known as the infamous "Spaghetti-Action"), featuring Rudolf, Dave Philips and Helena Greter; and Aktion 970223, with Doris Tomasoni joining, Philips, and Greter. According to our BFFs at Volcanic Tongue, “One set seems to be based around violent hyperventilating, chokes, and groans building into overwhelming cathartic vocal violence. The second set … makes more use of dynamic tension, with long periods of silence populated by nothing but a ticking metronome before the introduction of tortured vocals and split-seconds of warped electronics gives way to an electro-acoustic pile-up…. [P]rimitive vocal poetics of Dylan Nyoukis / Blood Stereo and the body-focused investigations of the original actionists [are] combined with a theatrical approach to avant garde performance.” Edition of 500 copies.