Edit For Unconscious

(Auscultare Research) Used Split CD $3.00

“Arford’s ‘Drift Counter’ is a white wash of buzzer noise and open mic sizzle,” says Igloo Magazine. “At about 23 minutes the isolated energy of the mower-like sonics freeze the subconscious for a moment and stir-fry it back up again…. Drops of threatening noise taunt in Yau’s ‘Second Coming,’ like a griddling of some type of hovering being that gets caught in the radiant glow of drone. The track climaxes to a gas-like explosion which melts all in its course to the din of reverberation. Edit for Unconsciousness also includes Arford’s barely grounded ‘Headworms,’ originally released as part of a split mini-CD with the Haters. The piece has a molten core slow-roasting all in/outputs. Yau’s ‘Realia’ opens this recording with a quick cut-up-cum-slow-perk approach. Its mild side is nothing if not an eerie message from a force outside of our realm. Suddenly the plug is pulled and wavers out in slow motion. The drama invigorates and has the ability to give you the shakes.” From 2001