(Dual Plover) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Truly contemporary Indonesian music that pushes the boundaries of traditional Javanese music and avant-garde experimental music. Rully Shabara’s extended dada-esque vocal techniques punctuate the frenetic neo-tribalism of instrument builder Wukir Suryadi’s modern-primitive instrumentation (such as a thick stem of bamboo strung with percussive strips of the plant’s skin along side steel strings, which fuses elements of traditional Indonesian instrumentation with garage guitar distortion when amplified).



(Sublime Frequencies) LP $18.00

By weaving Indonesian folkloric moods with various shades of modern genre hybrids, Rully Shabara’s extreme vocals and Wukir Suryadi’s homemade instruments navigate one extremely powerful Bahasa Indonesian word — tanah — which translates to “soil-ground-land-earth.” Shabara’s vocals conjure spirits from the soil; Suryadi’s new guitar pushes the sound into new territory, utilizing delay, loops, and other effects, creating grounded backdrops of folk metal, punk attitudinal, and droning earthscapes.