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Shrimp Boat’s wide-eyed fascination with the scattershot strands of American musical tradition congeals into a remarkably vivid and engaging whole in their 1991 LP — encompassing pop, jazz, country and seemingly everything in between. It’s a laconic potluck which sounds like nothing so much as a postmodern Music from Big Pink. Between the jaunty Eastern European rhythms of the opener track and and the free-form sax of the finale, the album detours into old-timey melancholia, late-night pop, and even reggae, all with a casual disregard for the confines of structure and form.


Volume One

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A 1991 collection of early recordings, live tracks and related pre-post-rock ephemera by Sam Prekop’s pre-Sea and Cake outfit from the late ’80s, where herky-jerky rhythms and warm jazz-folk intermingle with late ’60s fragmentation a la Red Krayola.