From The Mouths Of Clay

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During his 2013 residencey at Museo Universitario de la Universidad de Antioquia and Casa Tres Patios in Medellín, Colombia, Whethem investigated sonic, acoustic and phenomenological qualities of the gallery space using secondhand and/or faulty equipment. With found objects and recording / playback methods of Alvin Lucier and Nicholas Collins, he applied the process of the former’s “I Am Sitting In A Room” to three prehispanic burial urns and three examples of more recent variations on this theme. The internal resonances were captured and then played back inside the urns utilizing small speakers, or through them using transducers. The process was repeated again and again, and the result was demonstrated as an eight-channel installation, with six vessels singing with their own voices and two speakers playing lower tones created by the vessels using the same process, but using a microphone inside each and a larger speaker placed against the outside. From The Mouths Of Clay combines sound material from the installation and further investigations carried out during the residency period, recorded in the space, from inside the vessels or reproduced inside and through them. C60.