(Vinyl on Demand - VOD79) 4xLP + 7-inch $70.00

Material from the first six years of Sleep Chamber, compiled by Brad Miller and Frank Maier. On the first platter and the seven-inch are pure and strong minimal synth tunes from early cassettes Ze Wizz Kidz, Dream Distillate (Inner-X-Musick 1983), and Music for Mannequins (Inner-X-Musick 1984). Platters two and three reveal previously unreleased recordings from 1982 to ’87 that range from minimal to the typical Sleep Chamber sound of the era, along with alternative versions, demos and unreleased tracks from the Admit to Desire period. Platter number four is an unreleased LP called Seremony, recorded in the beginning of the Satanic Sanction sessions (1985-86).