Soft Gang

(Sophomore Lounge - SL077) LP $15.50 (Out-of-stock)

This perfect first glance into Soft Gang’s cauldron conjures whiffs of early-1990s indie art-pop, stirred with witchy long-form free-rock / psychedelia, playful post-punk, and an herbal dash of Plastic Ono’s experimental entrada. Kaori Nakamura croons, howls, and rhetorically ponders with the grace and ease of an evening’s reflection, stretching out over the rhythm section (Dahm Cipolla of Phantom Family Halo and Sapat on drums, Charlie Hines of Dichroics and Sabers on bass guitar), which tugs from routine to expressive chaos, while Dichroics’ Darin Mickey’s guitar transmissions decorate the stage. Simple, subtly alienating, yet all the while infectious.