Voyage to See What’s on the Bottom

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Joseph Hammer, Rick Potts and Steve Thomsen have each spent 25+ years exploring various avenues of music described by their 1970s collective, the Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) as "avant-schmaltz." With an ear for unsettling detail, Solid Eye suspends the listener in a lurching, oozing, hallucinatory river of sound that unfolds with its own peculiar sense of internal logic. Neither fish nor fowl, their aesthetic impulses bear scant resemblance to the dominant modes and methods that govern the domain of much contemporary experimental music. This surrealist cabal immerses itself in the creation of a pata-physical metaphysic, a slippery, elusive territory where the profound is coaxed from the ludicrous and the seemingly innocuous is inverted into the preternaturally haunting... a cosmology where the absurd, the uncanny and the unsettling coalesce, the result distilled into a sense-deforming, reality-eroding, alchemical elixir. Sealed