(Newtexture) CDR $8.00

Beginning somewhat exploratorily, like an unassuming Bennington-scented take on junk operatics, replacing lo-fi trashcan lid connotations with windchimes, 88888888 quickly ascends a holy plateau where it maintains a loving embrace shared by Sun Ra and Conlon Nancarrow. As an acolyte of Bill Dixon and Cecil Taylor, Zappa’s wank detector is finer tuned than most; so when a tenorman sets down his axe and scoops up a handful of MIDI — “started in 1999, finished in 2009, and still only 20 minutes long,” he says — rest assured there’s a reason. And that reason has twice the awkward beauty as the Barrons thrashing a homemade gamelan in their garage. Constructed and printed entirely by hand with block prints and rubber stamps. Edition of 33. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2010.


Muster Point

(We Jazz) CD $12.00

(We Jazz) LP $20.00

American sax-player Stanley J. Zappa and Finnish percussionist Simo Laihonen, students of Milford Graves both, captured live and in the studio while Zappa was touring in Finland with the Black Motor musicians. This is a set full of fire and thunder, but also features some more meditative spiritual jazz. With bassist Ville Rauhala on a couple of tracks. Liner notes by the man himself. Violet vinyl.