(Vinyl on Demand - VOD107) 5xLP $150.00

Sixty-three-track anthology of minimal synth works by Albert Klein And Antonios Stratis, and 96 Eyes (Klein with Philip Tesch) -- containing everything from their self-released cassettes Exotic (1982), New Face (Integrated Circuit, 1983), Mùsica Da Ballo (Creative Tapes, 1984), Film Musik (Creative Tapes, 1984), and Raging Beauty (Creative Tapes, 1984), plus tracks from compilations released by Bain Total, X Tract, Mystery Hearsay, Oscar Smits, Noel, etc., and some previously unreleased tracks. The range of styles is satisfyingly wide: the NDW of “Die Kur;” the robotic synth pop of “Herzlos” and “She’s Dancing;” and sci-fi-ish, future-obsession of “Technotown,” “Foggy Weather,” “Deine Tränen,” or “Nightfly,” which flirt with traditional progressive German electronic music from the Tangerine Dream school as well as Chris + Cosey or Yello.