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Five expansive tracks that condense decades into seconds and centuries into minutes. Michael Sharp and Braden Balentine, who record out of their home studio with a rotating cast of like-minded musicians from Austin, incorporate an ever-broadening inventory of influences; methodical arrangements and layers of meditative repetition hearken back to ’70s krautrock, while polyrhythmic drums and arpeggiated synthesizers propel the procession forward in harmony with acoustically-oriented pieces. Initially composed around an awe-inspiring single-take drum performance by Sharp, “Shiftless in Nkawkaw” is supported with additional vocals by a pair of Sharp’s coworkers who jumped onto an impromptu recording session after a shift together, chorusing between psycho-activated guitar solos and fully engrossing flute melodies (courtesy of Kristine Reaume). The epic closing track “L’âme de Toute Étoile” strips back down to Sharp and Balentine, proficiently exhibiting their command of drums, guitar, and synth in one of their most elemental works to date. Edition of 500. Listen to “Shiftless In Nkawkaw” here: