(VHF - VHF75) Used CD $6.00

Layers of twinkling keyboard, guitar, unidentified fuzz, short wave, etc., very much in the style of Harmonia and Cluster in spots. There are a couple of amped-up moments here and there, including surprise lead guitar action on "Tornado Rose Canoe," and the excellent fuzz-grilled rock of "Primavera." According to no less of an authority than Neil Campbell, Cloudz is "the best Sunroof ever."


Rock Power

(Nashazphone - NP13) LP $25.00

With Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra, Flower-Corsano Duo) on guitar, Nashazphone’s vinyl reissue of a European tour CDR (Rural Electrification Program 2003) documents a period between the dreamlike psychedelia of Cloudz or early Hototogisu and the brutality of Panzer Division Lou Reed, Spitting Gold Zebras or the more recent Skullflower. Edition of 500