Beyond The Rim

(Majora) Used LP $12.00

“A wall of noise … that draws on … guitar psychedelia … and [the] industrial abrasion of minimalism…,” says All Music Guide about this 1993 masterwork, with “lush-sounding feedback orchestrations…, blissful tone drift…, [and g]uitar terrorism.”


Clear Factory

(Majora) Used LP $15.00

An incredibly abrasive, drone-y ball of sludge from 1996


Eternity's Beautiful Frontispiece

(VHF) Used CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Using a droning electric guitar and organ in a variety of tones ranging from the excoriating to elegiac, Total envelops the listener in a haze of overtones variously evoking Indian music, machine noise, nature sounds, and monolithic power. Carefully edited and saturated with hallucinogenic juice.


Exploded Star Sad Servant

(Self Abuse) Used CD $7.00

Three long tracks of ypnotic, hallucinatory guitar feedback and densely layered shortwaves from 1995 by Matthew Bower.


Glassy Warhead

(Pure) Used CD $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Chunks of noisy, churning madness from 1995 by Matthew Bower, with Philip Best of Ramleh and Whitehouse on violin for 22-minute title track. Wall-to-wall power noise perfected.


Hard + Low

(Turgid Animal) CD $10.50

The first cassette by Matthew Bower’s solo project (Broken Flag 1986), newly remastered, with updated artwork. All seven original tracks. An essential document of early British experimental noise. Edition of 500.


Here, Time Is Space

(Majora) Used 2xLP $22.00

“Feedback and fuzz collaged to orchestral proportions” from 1994, observes All Music Guide, “falling somewhere between the psychedelic rock of the Tokyo underground … and industrial dronescapes.”


Silver Pillows

(Majora) Used 10-inch $20.00

Less rock and more noise than Skullflower, this 1995 ten-inch by Matthew Bower is a dense, squalling barrage of guitar and cheap organ, building a wall of sound that draws on the guitar psychedelia of ’60s Deadhead jamming and industrial-strength minimalism. Lush feedback ambience beneath the debris of exploding speakers and overworked effects pedals recalls The Dead C and Keiji Haino. Handmade sleeve with rubberstamped text, gold paint, photograph. Hand-numbered edition of of 275. Sealed.


Sky Blue Void

(Freek) Used CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Gloriously obnoxious noise rock from 1993 and 1994, with John Godbert, Simon Wickham-Smith and Russell Smith guesting here and there.


Tanzmusik Der Renaissance

(Freek) Used CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Hypnotic walls of noise, heavy, droning miasma, and feedback noise collage from 1995.


To Fall Like Cherry Blossoms...

(American Tapes) Used LP $12.00

Jaw-dropping amp noise / winds / piano drone / free jazz from 1997. Silkscreened folder