Fanfare and Contrapunctus / Imago

(Pan - PAN12) LP $18.00

Fanfare & Contrapunctus (1976) were made at the newly opened electronic studio at the Sydney Conservatorium, before the advent of music computer technology. The source material derives from free improvisations by Wishart and Martin Mayes using “soft trumpets,” pop-guns, French Horn and virtuoso eating noises, plus recordings of birdsong and other environmental sources. Imago (2002) metamorphoses the single “clink” of two whisky glasses into birdsong, a junkyard gamelan, the ocean and the human voice, but never entirely abandons its links to this minimal source. The piece was made using sound transformation software written by the composer, available through the Composers Desktop Project, and the original source sound was taken from Jonty Harrison’s “et ainsi de suite.” 140-gram vinyl, color jacket, silkscreened PVC sleeve. Edition of 500.