Fear of Suffering

(Sophomore Lounge - SLO40) 7-inch $7.25 (Out-of-stock)

Residing in their own neck of the deep-country indie woods, Louisville's Tropical Trash deliver a smoky shard of rippin’ rawk, undergo a transition or two, then drop out -- the Bluegrass State's rejoinder to the MX-80 / Messthetic sound. Some of these skinny young men also dig glorious ditches in the hermit-kingdom labor camps overseen by Siltbreeze recording artists Sapat. Silkscreened jacket. White vinyl. Edition of 200


Think Back Kick A Beer

(Sophomore Lounge) 7-inch $7.25 (Out-of-stock)

The follow-up to Fear of Suffering (Sophomore Lounge 2012) breaks bread on the breastplate and lets the loins girt around about the truth, substituting hot air balloons for lungs and cajones for brains, magnetizing the crotch-to-ego spinal disc-chordal dipole while stoning the erogenous zones and breathing life and id back into the exhumed corpse of classic rock, a G. Ginn and Sonic speedball kegel-clubbing affront to the American Mall Obese. Features dudes with the diplomatic immunity of Sapat membership and Louisville’s Astro Black ambassadors of telepathic communications.