Minus The Divine

(Turgid Animal - TA406) CD $12.00

Norway's Sindre Foss Skancke follows up 2007's Mutilation Epoch with his experimental black metal and noise rolled into one well composed, exciting and bizarre-sounding album. All the best bits of Skullflower, with early industrial and other influences drawn from his country's native black metal underworld fighting for space in front of a backdrop of blackened harsh noise filth. Limited to 300 copies.


Skullflower / Utarm

(Turgid Animal) split CD $11.75

Three tracks by Matthew Bower’s pioneering noise / rock unit, two by Norwegian relative newcomer. Extreme, beautiful, dark and wandering-in-the-woods noise, operating inside an experimental, black-metal-influenced twilight zone. Inspiring triumphant soundscapes, evil tepid ambiance and deadly esoteric world music. Edition of 500