Illusions of The Maintenance Man

(Destijl - IND046) LP $35.00 (Out-of-stock)

Crashing back to Earth / Dallas, following an unsuccessful attempt at hawking originals to the manicured hippies making the scene in Laurel Canyon, Bert and Eve Long recruited Wayne Lamar Boogs the third (vocals / madness) and Jud Chapin (drums / vocals), and recorded Illusions Of The Maintenance Man while the first gush of anything-could-happen was still upon them. Their beautiful teenage-tribe-in-America anthems are animated by the same lost / utopian garage band spirit as The Bachs, Index and The Rising Storm; their creepy sun-blind cultic edge tastes of acid and neural backroads in a way that brings to mind the Manson Family Jams. De Stijl’s reissue is an authorized exact-reproduction of the 1971 original with stamped and stickered jacket, insert and labels. Edition of only 500.