Vogelscheiß Und Seine Verrückten Kröten

(Art Into Life) CD $22.00

(Art Into Life) LP $37.00

This barely premeditated collaboration from the late 1980s by Strength Thru Joy's John Hubbard and Christoph Heeman and Andreas Martin of HNAS would make a perfect soundtrack to a paranormal thriller in which the living aren’t exactly haunted by ghosts and apparitions and poltergeists so much as fucked with. Not even pranked, just pointlessly confused for the poker-faced amusement of the quasi-dead. You know how it is in eternity — lotta time to kill. Records skip and wobble off center. Self-tuning radios pogo in and out frame. Violin, banjo and recorder slip across corrupted harmonic grids. A piano piece, oh my god, a piano piece. Plus: toads. You’re welcome. LP includes download code and insert. Edition of 300. Each CD comes in a handcrafted paper jacket, differing in color and texture. Edition 200