All The Paint I Can Breathe

(Beta Lactam Ring - MT059A) 10-inch $12.00

This 2004 selection of tracks originally appearing on Volcano The Bear’s first cassette release Vol One. (Volucan 1996) reveals the crack improv ensemble’s obsession with small sounds. Their pigment-soaked inventions are equal parts surrealist / dada sound sculptures and minimal wave / prog canvases. Gatefold sleeve with color insert. Edition of 500


Amidst The Noise And Twigs

(Beta Lactam Ring) Used CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

This album pours slowly and resolutely like a folk-psych dream urn, loaded with full metal banjoes, crumhorns at 12 o’clock, and autoharps at DefCon 5.The experimentalism is couched in shifting tides of self-spun acidic harvest ballads that noisily well up into proto-Kraut thrums and tribal night trips around the pyre. A rural, squelchy, DIY delicacy which stinks of occidental embouchure so crystal crisp that every skkrrrr, pphaaapph and brrruuuummmm resonates like a small, sound-specific god, intertwined with beautifully skewed notes, voices and rhythms. Amidst The Noise And Twigs plays like a recently discovered field recording of an obscured Celtic clan who accidentally stumbled onto psychedelia 600 years ahead of its time. Gatefold jacket eight-page booklet. Sealed


Classic Erasmus Fusion

(Beta Lactam Ring - MT092a) Used 2xCD $15.00

The strange geometry in Volcano The Bear's musique concrete lurks between celestial duck honks and what sounds like a flood in the living room. Disc number one births gently into a lo-fi-adelic Comus-like saline. Song becomes fever dream and then pitches into a barren place of low estate. With typical minimalist pageantry, VTB mutates from piece to piece: melodious tales are subliminally hooky, after a fashion, spiritual and surreal; quiet ritualism queues with dada and progressive harmonies, together on the same fractured, out world, sing-along journey. Disc number two crawls slowly from the echo-y ooze, grows legs and then presents a different, more dramatic creature. A long, shifting organ drone becomes a deeply psychedelic statement that bleats loud and strong like an acid bleached Spiral Insana or a sneaky This Heat.


Guess The Birds

(Beta Lactam Ring) 10-inch $12.00

Odd vocalizations and intercom talk, snoring, electronics, Arabic overtones, vocal wailing, contemplative droning and plenty of blown, bowed, plucked and struck stuff from 2001.


One Burned Ma

(Misra) Used CD $5.00

Primitive folk, art rock, and filmic sound sculpting made of crackling electronics, rumbling percussion, unconventionally played guitars, manipulated vocal noises, and distorted piano.


That People Don't Know They Are Monsters

(Quasi Pop - QPOPREC02) 7-inch $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

A straight, two-pieced story about mental monsters, emotionally disoriented people and unstable songwriting. Weird folk, tribal bowing, psychedelic ballads ... or not. It’s always something.


Tunnels And Wheels

(Gold Soundz - GS#13) 7-inch $10.00

Two chunks of tripped-out, abstract psych from 2004 with chanting, horns, scraping and drones combining. Head-melting. Edition of 310